“Royalty Collection”

The Comfort-Pedic Mattress Factory created the Royalty Collection to provide “luxurious comfort in fine bedding” by manufacturing the collection with the following features…

Hand-crafted from the finest materials in the world while combined with the heaviest and most durable spring units in the world.

    • Finest Natural Components: such as
      cashmere, silk, cotton, latex
    • Highest Quality Trade Marked Foams: such as Sensus, HR foam (High Resilient), Resilitex,
      Reflex and Quiltflex foam, trade marked and best durable sagging free foam components in USA today.
    • Ticking: Belgian imported damask fabrics.
    • Quality: Eight way sewn handles
    • Luxurious Finish: Embroidered labels & handles (8 handles in King Size).
    • Cores: HR, Reflex and 100% Natural Rubber (Latex).
  • Non Disturbance: all the cores in the Royalty Collection Line of Mattress are non motion
    transfer cores to guarantee the quietest and non disturbing sleeping surface for our clients.
    • Edge Supports: Foam encased sides to prevent edge sagging, give more sleeping area, preventing
      rolling off the bed.
    • Non Skidding: Bottom non skid stitch bond material to prevent mattress sliding over the
      box spring.
    • Box Spring: Modular box spring for durability, longevity, support and to eliminate motion
      transfer from one side of the bed to the other (No Disturb).
    • Corner Guards:
      Luxury Comfort-Pedic 2 Platinum tones corner guards

      for enhancing elegance & beauty looks and for protecting box spring corners.
  • Warranty: 20 years Non Pro-rated limited warranty Policy.